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Fresh-O-Clean is an environmentally safe, pH neutral & Multi-purpose liquid. It is your one single solution for all your household requirements like washing clothes, washing utensils, cleaning floor tiles, Car Washing, etc. detergent, which does not harm hands or washing machine.


Fresh-O-Clean has distinct advantages of not containing any insoluble's as compared to a powder detergent and hence no deposits on the clothes which will avoid skin problems such as irritation, rashes, etc.

Fresh-O-Clean is very safe for use and it does not damage washing machine or hands as its pH is Neutral.

It is very cost effective and safe as well. 20 ml. per washing of 5 kgs of clothes in a washing is sufficient. Thus, cost of washing per cloth will be only 20 to 30 paise per cloth approximately.

Use / Application:

Fresh-O-Clean can be in your household for several purposes as listed below:

Washing Clothes

For Washing, Brightening all types of clothes. Most effective when used in washing machines.

Cleaning Utensils

Kitchen Platforms

Cleaning Floors

Hard Surfaces Cleaning

It can be used to clean hard surfaces like Tiles, Walls, Sunmica, Furnitures, etc.

Directions for use:

1. For Washing Clothes:

Fill the machine with appropriate water level. Add 20 ml. of the Fresh-O-Clean and mix it well. Add clothes to machine and allow it for 15 minutes for soaking and set the machine as usual. It is suggested to apply as Fresh-O-Clean as it is directly on stubborn dirty portions suc as collors, hand cuffs, etc. to get best result. Fresh-O-Clean is suitable for all clothes such as Woollen, Cotton, Silk and Synthetics. For hand washing, the process is the same except that soaking time may be more and you may have to rub dirty parts to get better results.

2. For Cleaning Utensils / Kitchen Platforms:

Take 5-7 liters of water in a bucket or vessel. Add 4-5 ml. of Fresh-O-Clean to it and mix it well. Put the utensils in it and rinse one by one to get sparkling and clean utensils. For very dirty and oily utensils take a drop on a scrub and clean the utensil with the scrub and rinse it.

3. For Cleaning Tiles and Floors:

For cleaning Tiles and Floors, use few drops of Fresh-O-Clean in a bucket and wipe or clean the floors as usual.

4. For Walls or Hard Surfaces:

For cleaning walls or hard surfaces use a drop of Fresh-O-Clean on a damp cloth and wipe or rub the dirty portions to get it cleaned.